I’m involved in a number of teaching modules (listed below). All slides, practicals and pictures are released under the Creative Commons BY-SA 2.5 license. I am aware that the slides are not very informative as I prefer not to put much text on them. Also, I still use the whiteboard in my lectures. In any case I hope you find them useful.

BS982: Genomics (MSc) – [Module supervisor] Lecture 5: Genome sequencing technologies
Lecture 6: Genome assembly
Lecture 11: Genome annotation
Lecture 12: Resequencing genomes
Practical 2: De novo assembly of genome sequences
Practical 2 datasets
Practical 3: Functional annotation of genomes
Practical 3 datasets
Practical 4: Re-sequencing genomes
Practical 4 datasets
Whole practical handbook
BS312: Bioinformatics Lecture 5: Gene expression analysis
Lecture 6: Differential gene expression
Lecture 7: Functional annotation
Practical 5: Measuring gene expression with RNA-seq
Practical 5 datasets
Practical 6: Differential gene expression
Practical 6 datasets
Practical 7: Functional annotation
Practical 7 datasets
BS320: Human Molecular Genetics Lecture 16: MicroRNAs: normal function and disease
Lecture 17: RNAi and small regulatory RNAs
BS113: Animal Behaviour and Ecology Lecture: Sex and conflict
BS211: Biomolecular Science Skills and Employability
BS141: Scientific and Transferable Skills for Biosciences
BS831: Research Project in Biomolecular Sciences
BS984 / BS986: Research Project MSc Biotech/Mol Med