Group Picture, May 2018


3385 Antonio Marco
Lord of the flies
Mohab Helmy
PhD student
hatlen Andrea Hatlen
Post Doc

Dearnna Clinkscales
MSc student

(Cancer Biology)

susan Susan Ali
MSc student(Biotechnology)

Alumni (post-graduates and post-docs) *

Mohab Helmy (2013-2018) “Advice for a Young Investigator” [Ramón y Cajal] (MSc and PhD student)

Dearnna Clinkscales (2017-2018) “The Magic of Reality” [Dawkins] (MSc student)

Susan Ali (2017-2018) “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” [Skloot] (MSc student)

Sara Barreto (2018) “Fly: an experimental life” [Brookes] (Summer internship)

Andrea Hatlen (2016-2018) “Chaos” [Gleick] (postdoc)

Alma Akhmetova (2016-2017) “Time Travel: A History” [Gleick] (MSc student)

Jeremiah Offor (2016-2017) “The Elements of Style” [Strunk/White] (MSc student)

Narmin Abbasova (2015-2016) “The Ancestor’s Tale” [Dawkins] (MSc student)

* Lab members usually receive a book when they leave. Why this specific book is only known to me and the recipient, but it often has to do with the work done.